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ORCA provides consulting to animal producers in order to implement animal welfare standards on their farms. To be able to do that, we assess the existing capacities, conduct trainings, and undergo mentoring process with producers, study visits, etc.

Having higher welfare standards put in place is the key precondition for ensuring better market placement of animal based food products, i.e. developing economically viable and ecologically acceptable agricultural production which should be the foundation of the rural development.

Production of healthy, safe and high quality food is dependant on the way in which farm animals are kept, and their nutrition and veterinary care provided to them. Production of meat, milk and eggs in higher animal welfare production systems results in better quality and safety of food products.

“Increasing numbers of European consumers are concerned about the welfare of animals raised for food such as meat, eggs and dairy products. This had led to the development of clear rules related to the raising, transport and slaughter of poultry, pigs and cattle. This rules are continually updated in accordance to the new scientific knowledge.”

(From Farm to Fork, EU DG SANCO, 2004)

According to Eurobarometer research (2006), over 50% of EU consumers would pay more for food deriving from higher animal welfare production systems, while in Serbia this percentage is 30% (Ipsos Strategic Marketing, 2010).